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Here’s a short introduction to our boutique Firm and why we’re different.

After studying engineering and business in university, I went to law school at University of Toronto and then joined what is now Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg.

I spent 16 years in three different types of business law: corporate/commercial, competition (antitrust) and information technology.

I chose to leave the practice of law to join a small technology business, which was bringing innovation to a mature industry. I was attracted by their love of innovation and the opportunity to work in all areas of their business – to be much more than a lawyer.

I spent the next 9 years in business, doing everything – strategy, market development, operations, raising capital, product design/innovation, human resources, buying businesses, licensing technology, opening markets, and so on.

The 2008 recession created an opportunity to combine my business and legal knowledge/experience to help others.

This is why we love innovation, and why we understand and empathize with our clients better — because we’ve walked a mile in their shoes and have done (both as a lawyer and as a businessperson) the very thing they’re trying to do.

Which is to build something remarkable.

Joel Kissack


Our mission is building. To build remarkable enterprises. And remarkable lives.

  • by building, we mean better, not just bigger
  • by remarkable, we mean unique, unusual, striking, different, and innovative
  • by remarkable lives, we mean for our clients and for ourselves


Professional Lawyers


Years in Business


Satisfied Clients


Excellence. Do things the right way, do them well, do them ethically, and use great tools.

Service. Be service-oriented. Serve and encourage our clients as they build. Display humility, courage and empathy. Do not charge for everything, do more than expected, respond to feedback.

Innovation. Try new things that reinforce our values. Stay abreast of changes and innovations in our fields. Display curiosity, encourage creativity and resourcefulness.

Fun. Use great tools that make our work fun. Build each other up. Aim to enjoy our work. Do things that are fun.